Nourishing Ways
with Linda

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Currently my website is in a renewal phase, so please do keep connected. Soon, very soon, I will be re-launching my offerings here including one-on-one coaching, events, recipes, whole food catering and more…

Nourishing Ways with Linda | Eating psychology, nutrition coaching, events, recipes, whole food catering, and more...

For the past year or more I have been diving deep into the world of Eating/Nutrition Psychology and Mind Body Medicine with Marc David and Emily Rosen at The Institute for the Psychology of Eating based in Colorado, USA. It has been such an honour and a complete game changer for me (both personally and professionally) and I am so excited to bring you this profound and ground breaking work.

While I work busily behind the scenes to blend this new wisdom with my work as a Nutritionist and Chef I would love for us to keep cultivating our connection, so join me over on Facebook and Instagram.

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It’s a blessing and joy to walk beside you as we return to nourishment and our real food roots. More to come…

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